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Lucky Joe

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A story by Laura Scott
(No reproduction without permission of the author)

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Chapter IV
page 3

Suzie giggled “Nooooo - see, we’re in on the act too. Now, a year or so ago, there were lots of other kinds of animals here too. Wild animals they call them. Sorts of creatures I bet you never saw - elephants, monkeys, lions. Poor things, they hated it - see, them being wild and all, they have to be free. So, a bunch of humans got together and decided that these sort of animals didn’t have to perform at circuses any more. I guess it was hard for them to go back to the jungles and suchlike, seeing that the humans had made wimps of them. Anyway the humans took them all to some kind of sanctuary where they had lots of space and food and didn’t have to do tricks any more”

Suzie stopped to draw breath.

Lucky’s head was buzzing with questions. “Uh-huh, but how come you guys are still here?’

Suzie sighed “I guess it’s not so bad for us, being used to humans and all. Even so, it would be nice not to be doing the same old thing every day. Worst thing is, wearing silly costumes.. I mean, talk about undignified for a dog. But, know what, I did hear a rumour that we might be out of all this pretty soon. Wouldn’t mind a break, I can tell you”

A worried frown crinkled Suszie’s brow.

“Trouble is” she added “Max was our main man. I don’t know what we’re going to do now”

Lucky cleared his throat “Maybe I could be .... main man” he said shyly.

Suzie stared at him doubtfully “Sure Lucky, it would be great to have you around, but ...
there’s so much to learn and ...........”

“Oh..., I didn’t really ........I mean what I was hoping..........” Lucky stumbled over the words as the little dog sat looking up at him with an amused expression.

“Hoping what Lucky”.....she ventured softly.

Boy, this is one magical moment thought Lucky as he struggled to put his thoughts into words.

And then the spell was broken as a very agitated Mr Thin and Stringy came rushing around the side of the tent, frantically waving various bits of clothing in their direction.

‘You’ll be the death of me, you wretched hound Max. And you should know better, Suzie. Get over here right now”

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Lucky Joe


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