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Lucky Joe

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A story by Laura Scott
(No reproduction without permission of the author)

Chapter II
page 4

The woman produced a big bunch of keys from beneath her flowing robes, inserted one into the lock and swung open the door. Lucky gasped. He had never seen such luxury. A huge bed, at dog height, dominated the tastefully decorated room. A wicker basket filled with treats sat on a low side table and a television occupied one corner. Lucky was quick to note the sliding doors leading to what appeared to be a small yard beyond. The doors were firmly shut.

The woman knelt and whispered softly in Lucky’s ear .“ Sleep well, my little friend” and with that she slipped silently away.

Lucky held his breath. Would she lock him in? Was he to be held prisoner?. His imagination ran riot. “Get a grip, stupid” he told himself.

He stood stock still and cocked an ear nervously in the direction of the door. It closed slowly and quietly. No sound of a key. Whew! Lucky let out a great whoosh of relief and flopped on the bed, exhausted. He drifted into an uneasy sleep and jerked awake at a knock on the door.

He pushed himself up on one elbow “Come in”. He was mortified to hear the quiver of fear in his voice.

The door opened and in came a tabby cat pushing a trolley loaded with all Lucky’s favourite food.

“I hope the meal is to your satisfaction, sir” the creature squeaked “and should you wish to the facilities outside, simply push the panel.” The cat waved a paw indicating a push button by the door to the yard.

Before Lucky could reply, the cat had backed out of the door, leaving him alone once more. Lucky made a beeline for the food and wolved it down. With his hunger satisfied, he turned his attention to planning some leisure time before turning in for the night. Maybe a little TV, but how to turn it on. On closer examination he saw that there was only one large button, in the shape of a paw. That was easy. He pushed the button. The screen filled with lots and lots of white puppies with black spots.

“Boooring, been there, done that” Lucky muttered, as he remembered watching 101 Dalmations during those happy, far off puppy days. A tear rolled down his face as he thought back to that time. He quickly wiped it away with a paw before punching the button again to get rid of the images.

Anxious to check out the yard, Lucky let himself into the freezing night. The moon was bright in the winter sky and Lucky was unnerved to see that the yard was surrounded by a very, very high fence. He snuffled around exploring for a while, before heading back to bed and in no time at all was fast asleep.

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Lucky Joe


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